Our annual parade features musical performances from Afro-Caribbean and Canadian artists, dancers, and other displays of global heritage. The parade celebrates Canada’s diversity and is open to everyone. We showcase musical performances, cultural dances, traditional costumes, etc., with the hope of increasing public awareness of the richness and diversity of every participant.


Our food fair aims at uniting communities by showcasing and celebrating different varieties of food and spices from all over the world. Annually we bring together diversely oriented food vendors to serve delicious cuisines in several kitchens to exhibit their delicious meals. An avenue will be provided to register your food kitchen for our next food exhibition.


Africanad organizes an annual fashion week to showcase several lines of clothing and accessories. Africanad aims to promote businesses, cultures, and lifestyles, and it is equally our desire to bring directly to every eye the stunning handiwork of our members. Our showcase advertises clothing, footwear, and other accessories in casual, traditional, office, sports, and different trendy styles. An avenue will be provided to register your brand and other products for our fashion week.


Africanad is a platform that grows businesses and ideas. Every year, we hold a global business meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our partners and organizers include:(Provided on request). Our business participants come from all spheres of businesses, such as finance, information technology, marketing, agriculture, sales, operations, and many more., to facilitate growth in the ever-dynamic business world. You can register your business for our next business conference on our platform.


We are neither organizers of the Olympics games nor the Commonwealth games; however, we share one similarity with these global sports organizers: fostering relationships through sports. Africanad understands the importance of sports. Periodically, we organize football, table tennis, swimming, and other exciting sporting activities that bring smiles to participants’ faces.


Hard to forget such strong memories with the best people.